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Welcome to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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A guide to Central Victoria Tourist Attractions and sightseeing. Listings include fairs, markets, exhibitions, art galleries, historic landmarks and so much more.

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Central Victoria Tourist Attractions - (6 Listings)

Sound Choice Musical Services

1563 Brodick Cres., Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 727-2702

Silver Eagles Northwest Coast Indian Art

Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 388-5075

Point Ellice House Historic Site

2616 Pleasant St, Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 380-6505

Luxton Pro Rodeo

1040 Marwood Ave., Victoria, BC
Email: sandywest@shaw.ca
 P: (250) 478-4250

Saanich Commonwealth Place

4636 Elk Lake Dr,, Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 727-7108

Naval & Military Museum

PO BOX 17000 Stn. Forces., Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 363-4312

Central Victoria Tourist Attractions

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