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A guide to Oak Bay Restaurants enjoy a variety of establishments from casual to gourmet, including family diners, bistro cafes, fine dining, ethnic, italian, thai, cantonese

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Christie's Carriage House Pub

Victoria's only heritage pub features BC's largest selection of cottage and draft beers
1739 Fort St, Victoria, BC
Email: 31flavours@christiespub.com
 P: (250) 598-5333

Splendid Chinese Restaurant

2162 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 592-3318

Jaeger House Restaurant

2460 Renfrew Shawnigan Lake, Victoria, BC
 P: (250) 743-3515

Nar Cafe Bistro

Family run Turkish Restaurant. Traditional Turkish dishes from the Palace Kitchen of the Ottoman Sultan's including mouthwatering Mezes,aromatic pilafs,Turkish Coffee,Turkish Raki,Turkish Beer and more.
2540 Windsor Road, Victoria, BC
Email: ckarahasan@hotmail.com
 P: (250) 598-1085

Oak Bay Restaurants

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